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Hotel Security Gaffes From Around the World Attract Attention in June 2015

Posted on Wed, Jul 08, 2015 @ 12:40 PM

June 2015 brought with it news of hotel security gaffes both at home and abroad. The majority of incidents focused on in-room thefts. There were at least two break-ins that took place in Malta at major, brand name hotels. Thankfully, local law enforcement and the hotels’ security details were able to solve the two cases quickly.

In America, the hotel security incident that was on many people’s minds took place in Tennessee during a highly publicized, beauty contest. More than one room was broken into and a number of items were purportedly stolen by the thieves, who presently remain at large. That said, one can’t help but wonder, “What could have prevented all of these thefts?”

In our opinion, in-room safes would have certainly helped in all incidents. With the ability to store a multitude of items, safes secure laptops and tablets along with other travel valuables. In addition, they would have helped reassure the public that hoteliers at home and overseas take hotel security serious enough to provide their valued guests with time-tested, modern amenities.

Today’s in-room security features run the gamut. Some conscientious, lodging professionals prefer to install discrete amenities, like electronic drawer safes. The electronic drawer safes are so well made, that no one but the hotel guests and staff will even know that they are there. Other operators prefer to use highly visible, in-room safes that are built to prevent even the craftiest of hotel thieves.

Safes are not the only hotel security measures that could have prevented the recent events we mentioned in today’s post. Stationary peephole covers and security cameras should be considered. To learn more about avoiding hotel security gaffes with today’s products, please contact Safemark Systems today.



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Security Through Laptop and Drawer Safes is a Must for Traveling Millenials

Posted on Tue, Jun 23, 2015 @ 09:30 AM

It's no secret that we are in a technological age. According to one report, Millennials, those currently aged 18-36 years old, make up 43% of hotel guests. According to, millennials "will account for nearly half of the workforce by 2020, bringing with them vastly different travel habits and expectations than previous generations." They travel for business or pleasure, and often extend their business trips into pleasure trips. All of this traveling means that this generation is deciding what amenities hotels need to upgrade to get their business. When millennials are dissatisfied, they are not shy about turning to a website like TripAdvisor to voice their complaints. In turn, they often seek out reviews from websites like TripAdvisor before booking a hotel. According to, "An overwhelming 80 percent of respondents in Expedia’s survey said they consider online reviews important when planning a trip."

These tech-savvy millennials not only want their hotel rooms to be technologically accessible--they expect it. One way to ensure your hotel rooms keep up with the times is by installing laptop safes in every hotel room. These safes are easy to install and offer peace of mind to travelers who can't leave home without their laptops.

Another option for hotels who want to offer the security for laptops and other personal items is to install drawer safes. Like the laptop safes, drawer safes are convenient and accessible and can easily store a laptop. However, they have the added feature of also being able to store small personal items such as passports and credit cards or, possibly more importantly for the millennials, tablets and smart phones.

Millennials are a growing source of business for hotels, and offering them the security they want for their technological devices is one way to ensure that they choose your hotel over the hotel next door. 



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Hotels Safes – The Importance of Professional Installation

Posted on Wed, Jun 03, 2015 @ 10:30 AM


Skills and Experience

Installing safes requires a combination of business and physical attributes. Installers will be required to interact with hotel staff and potentially guests, therefore, should act professional at all times.

Each safe weighs between 30 and 90 pounds (13 to 40 kg) so depending on the type of installation, two installers may be required per safe. While it’s important to have the ability to physically handle a safe, it’s equally important that the installer have basic computer skills as well as the ability to follow detailed instructions from the manual. Be sure to check local building codes before installing safes (especially important for concrete floors).

Prior experience installing safes is a prerequisite and installers need ample knowledge of construction materials, wall structures, flooring types, cabinetry or casework, fasteners – and the relationship of these components with each other. Installers also need to know about networks, electrical and plumbing systems as most installations require fastening the safe to a wall or floor. Construction materials and techniques vary geographically and chronologically. Determining where and when the structure was built typically reveals a better installation approach.

If you still have installation questions after reviewing the website, please contact us to speak with a technician. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (in English) for general services including safe operations, maintenance and technical support. Spare parts can be ordered from 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard time, Monday through Friday (except US holidays).


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Save Space in Guest Rooms With Wall Safes

Posted on Wed, May 27, 2015 @ 06:04 PM


If you are a hotel owner and are reading this blog, then by now you have already decided that you need to install safes in your hotel's guest rooms for your guests' safety and security. With all the electronics that people bring with them when they travel coupled with the fact that just about every hotel these days offers safes, you need to offer security for your guests in order to stay competitive. There are a variety of options available: laptop safes, drawer safes, closet safes, and wall safes. How do you choose which safe is the right type for your business? While they are all good options and will add security and peace of mind to your guests' stay, if you are short on space in your hotel rooms, a wall safe is a sure bet to secure your guests valuables without taking up space within the guest room.


A wall safe offers security and minimal invasion of space with the added bonus of near invisibility. It can easily be placed behind a wall hanging like a mirror or painting. Guests can rest securely knowing that their valuables are not visible in the unlikely event of a break-in to their hotel room. Further, wall safes are larger than laptop safes so guests can store more valuables in them. Business travelers will rest easy knowing their laptop is secure along with any other valuables they have with them.


What type of safe you will pick for your hotel depends on many factors: your budget, your guests, and your room set up. If you are in doubt about which safe to choose among the many available options, a wall safe is a secure, private, and space-saving way to keep your guests' valuables safe even in the event of theft.

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Why Laptop Safes Should Be Installed in Every Room in Your Hotel

Posted on Mon, May 04, 2015 @ 01:30 PM

LTX-3-5-25_maskedLaptop Safes

A hotel guest’s experience is determined by many factors, many of which a hotel should aim to satisfy every single one, which is challenging to accomplish based on unique and individual needs. It is better to make decisions based on what will help most guests, and installing laptop safes will help most people.


Business Guests Often Travel to the Same Place More than Once

When business individual visits your city for a business trip, there is a good chance that they will come back again in the future, or even on a regular basis. It is important to provide these business guests with an incredible experience as this will entice them to stay at your hotel again. Furthermore, investing in laptop safes allows you to place it as a feature, which a business individual may seek out in a hotel.


Laptops Are Used by Almost All Guest TypesLaptop

Although a large percentage of guests that use a laptop safe will be business professionals, you will find that most guest types have laptops to bring along on their trip. While not every person will choose to use the laptop safe for its intended purpose, especially because it provides a secure space for other items, getting one will help you accommodate the needs of most guest types that stay at your hotel.


Warranties against Forced Entry

Handling an incident of forced entry into a laptop safe is not something to look forward to, but having a warranty for these situations will prove to be very helpful. It is vital to look at how many years the coverage lasts, how much protection, along with fine print details as these can decide how your experience goes.


With the option to install laptop safes in your hotel, there really is no reason to reject this upgrade as it provides plenty of advantages, and nothing really disadvantageous comes from this upgrade.

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Have You Addressed Your Hotel Security Concerns?

Posted on Thu, Apr 23, 2015 @ 05:32 PM

tourists-w-map-shutterstock_167773436When recreational travelers and recreational travelers become guests in your hotel, they expect more than just exceptional customer service. The guests will also want to stay in a hotel that makes them feel safe and secure. How can your hotel ensure the guests that you are doing the best you can, as far as hotel security is concerned? 

Your hotel should consider partnering with companies that specialize in hotel security and hotel security products, such as hotel safes. It is essentially important that your hotel has an exceptional staff to provide customer service, but hotel security should also be one of your top concerns. 

Your hotel should consider implementing some of the following solutions:

    • Hotel safes in rooms so the guests can keep their valuables safe
    • Make sure your key card access is actually secure
    • Train your security personnel
    • Have an emergency response plan in place

When people are considering staying at a hotel, they tend to hold the hotel to incredible standards. This is understandable; whenever you are staying in a place that is not your home, you expect that location to make sure you and your valuables will be secure at all times. 

Hotels have an open environment; it should be welcoming to guests and all of those who use the hotel for any reason. However, we all know that hotels can create vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities should not be ignored.

When you can ensure your guests that your hotel is being monitored or that you are installing various products to make sure their safety is maintained, you will be well on your way to becoming a favorite hotel for guests.

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Hotel Security

Posted on Wed, Apr 15, 2015 @ 04:19 PM

Making your hotel a safe place for guests and employees is one of the best ways to improve and maintain a positive reputation, as well as ensuring guest rooms are booked on a regular basis. While there are basic security concepts including routine premise patrolling and proper lighting, you can also take several preventive measures to your hotel to really maximize hotel security.

Guest Room Safes

Having a safe in each hotel room provides guests the ability to protect their valuables. Also, hotel safes deter thieves. Most thieves are looking for an easy profit, and having an additional layer of protection in a safe will only make it more challenging, if not impossible for some thieves to make out with anything of value.



Peephole Covers

Although your other security measures should help to minimize problematic situations, installing the right type of peephole covers will give guests the power to protect themselves if an unwanted person comes to the door. In an age where reversed door viewers are easily ordered through the internet, hotels must consider tamperproof hardware in order to protect guest's privacy and the hotel's reputation.



Hotel Safes - Battery Tips

Posted on Wed, Apr 01, 2015 @ 08:15 PM

When properly maintained, your Safemark safe will provide many years of secure service. Our hotel safes operate on 4 AA alkaline batteries that should be changed every other year. Hotel safes found in extreme environments may need battery replacement every year.

To check the battery level, press the LOCK button once while the safe door is open. The keypad display will show batt-L if the batteries are low and batt-H when the batteries are charged.

A recent Consumer Reports test on AA alkaline batteries ranked Duracell Advanced Ultra as the overall leader and the Kirkland Signature battery from Costco as the best value. Beware of batteries that claim to be HEAVY DUTY but do not list alkaline on their label.

Please consider the environment when disposing of used batteries.


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Protect Your Employees and Avoid Conflict with Hotel Safes

Posted on Tue, Mar 03, 2015 @ 09:30 AM

While installing safes in hotel guest rooms is mainly to improve customer satisfaction and provide security for their belongings, there are other benefits as well. Understanding these benefits will help you see why purchasing safes for hotels to have in every guest room is a smart idea.

Avoid Theft from Employees
Although you may do your best to hire employees that are reliable and trustworthy, no one is perfect, which means you may end up with a bad seed once in a while. It is important to prevent this unfortunate situation from causing major problems with customers, such as having their items stolen.

Having hotel sales in every guest room allows your guests to safely stow away valuables, which prevents sketchy employees from being able to steal from them.

Avoid Unwarranted Blame
At the same time, you are likely to have some great employees on board, and an extremely unfortunate situation would be for one of these employees to get blamed for items going missing. However, providing guest room safes removes a lot of the blame that can be put on an employee as the guests need to be responsible for the utilizing the safe that ensures protection of their belongings.

Maintain Employee Happiness
When your employees do not have to worry about getting potentially blamed for lost or stolen items, they will feel relieved when working on a daily basis. It is also helpful because hotel guests that are enjoying an extended stay will not feel so hesitant to get room service as they will have their items stowed away.

While it is easy to see the clear benefits of a hotel safe in item protection for hotel guests, there are other benefits that should be taken into consideration to determine the true value of adding hotel safes.


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Lucky Digits Crack the Guest Room Safe at the Carlson Rezidor Conference

Posted on Thu, Feb 26, 2015 @ 05:41 PM

Our crew spent the past few days in the Bahamas attending the Carlson Rezidor Americas Business Conference. Rough job, right? Aside from the fantastic destination, our sales team is always excited to attend this event to reconnect with industry friends and customers.

Safemark has had the pleasure of working with Carlson Rezidor for more than a decade. We continue to collaborate with their team of professionals to ensure both guests and hotels benefit from the convenience of electronic safes. As part of our supplier agreement that was renewed last fall, our reach now extends globally to include Carlson Rezidor locations around the world.    

Winning Digits
We had a bit of fun at the conference this year with many attendees stopping by our booth for a chance to win some cool prizes. Congrats again to Jennifer Bates from the Country Inn & Suites in Vero Beach, FL for winning the GoPro camera. Assaad Hallak from United Capital Corp took home the Bose Wireless Speaker and Lori Reese with Hospitality Investors won the iXpand Drive.

GoPro Speaker SanDisk

Winning Partnership
Carlson Rezidor is incredibly dynamic with brands and locations to serve the savviest of travelers. We're honored to keep those guests' valuables secure while they explore the beautiful properties and the surroundings. Here is a handful of Carlson Rezidor locations that have recently purchased guest room safes from Safemark:

Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel Philadelphia, PA
Country Inn & Suites Knoxville, TN
Radisson Hotel Yuma, AZ
Radisson Hotel Austin, TX
Radisson Hotel Valley Forge King of Prussia, PA
Park Inn by Radisson Resort Kissimmee, FL
Radisson Resort Worldgate Resort Kissimmee, FL
Radisson Blu Resort Fiji
Radisson Hotel Denver SE Aurora, CO
Radisson Hotel Milwaukee North Shore, WI
Radisson Resort at the Port Cape Canaveral, FL
Radisson Phoenix, AZ
Country Inn and Suites Elizabeth, NJ
Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport, BC
Radisson Hotel Flamingos, Mexico City
Radisson Hotel High Point, NC

Thanks again to those that stopped by during the conference. If we haven't already earned your business, we look forward to the opportunity to work together. Feel free to contact our sales team if you need assistance.

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