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Hotel Security Concern - Housekeeper Caught Snooping On Video

Posted on Thu, Nov 13, 2014 @ 07:55 PM

With the number of guests carrying electronic devices, now more than ever it’s critical to provide a hotel safe to store valuables. But not just any safe, your guests need a secure location large enough to accommodate 17” laptops, tablets, purses and more.

Many hotel guests, especially those traveling for business, find it necessary to carry their laptop while on the road. As much as we all love tablets and smartphones, laptops are far easier to use for updating spreadsheets, preparing presentations, etc. However, your guest is likely to leave the laptop in the room when dashing out for a quick bite or heading to the local sights.

If you’ve been on the fence about installing in-room safes, take a look at this video clip and perhaps you’ll change your mind.


Here is a link to the story on Fox News

The individual who shot this video was discreet enough to not name the property or location, however, they did note that it took place in the US. Per several news sources, the hotel’s management team was notified and given the uncut version of the tape.  While we’d all like to trust others – especially employees – videos like this are a rude awakening that valuables need to be locked up in the hotel room.

Leaving a laptop in a hotel room poses a dilemma for many people, especially those who have computers with trade secrets or sensitive information. As such, the amount of damage that could result from a stolen laptop is far beyond the actual cost of the computer.

Savvy travelers will want a way to secure their laptops and other valuables whenever they leave their rooms. Even though you may feel confident that none of your employees would steal (or snoop in the case of this video), your guests are likely not as trusitng. Many guests would rather be safe than sorry and lock up their belongings - especially if a stolen laptop could result in the loss of a job.

Being worried over laptop security can cause people to intentionally seek out hotels that offer laptop safes in guest rooms. As a result, you could find your hotel being passed over by potential guests who won't take that risk, regardless of whatever deal you’re offering them.

Don’t miss your opportunity to attract guests - especially business travelers, simply because you're not offering them what they need. Here at Safemark, we have hotel safes that will allow your guests to secure those laptops and other valuables, making them feel safe in your establishment. To find out more, contact us.





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Hotel Security: The Importance of Providing Guests with In-Room Safes

Posted on Thu, Sep 04, 2014 @ 12:02 PM

Among those who frequently travel, hotel security has become an important aspect they take into consideration when choosing a place to stay. Whether they are traveling for business or pleasure, individuals want to know that their belongings will be safe when they are away from their room. For this reason, more hotels are opting to install in-room safes for their guests to use as these safes can provide guests with a place to store valuable items such as their passports and laptop. Furthermore, these safes can help to provide travelers with a peace of mind when they leave their room. If you own a hotel, bed and breakfast, or inn and have yet to have in-room safes installed in your guest rooms, here are just a few of the many reasons to consider doing so.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
Adding in-room safes to guest rooms can increase the customer satisfaction of your hotel. Not only will having these safes help to add to guests feeling confident in the security of your business, but they also show guests that you care as you have gone out of your way to provide them with this extra, valuable amenity. In fact, hotels with in-room safes are much more likely to have higher ratings as in-room safes are a requirement for a hotel to achieve a 4 or 5 star rating.

Ease of Storage
Adding hotel safes streamlines the process of guests storing their valuables. Guests will no longer have to wait in long lines at the front desk to have their items stored; they can simply store their items in their room using a code of their choosing. For many guests, this helps to add to their piece of mind as they can see their items entering the safe rather than having to trust a hotel employee to store their items properly.

For many travelers, the availability of an in-room can be the difference between staying at your hotel and choosing another destination that offers better security amenities. For this reason, you should seriously consider having hotel safes installed in your guest rooms. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of hotel safes.


Hotel Safes from Safemark


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Guests Should Be Concerned About their Visit NOT Hotel Security

Posted on Fri, Jul 11, 2014 @ 04:29 PM

Positive guest experience is paramount in the hospitality industry- this includes the service from hotel staff, cleanliness and comfort of the room, but most importantly hotel security. According to the recent White Paper "A Survey on the Current State of Hotel Security," the industry is subject to new risks (along with the traditional) which can lead to a negative guest experience with both financial and legal repercussions. 

So what did the survey find are current oppotrunities for security reinforcement? And what can be done to ensure a positive guest experience and prevention malicious incidents?

Only 27% of the hospitality industry reports having security personnel on duty 24/7; meanwhile, 47% of hotels and the like experience 0-50 thefts annually, with 18% reporting between 500-1000 thefts, and even more alarming 2001 plus thefts in 6% of these places.

External threats are of course a concern for properties, but too often hotels are seeing room thefts conducted by a trusted individual with internal access. These breaches at times occur by accident, but still with malicious intent. "Travelers expect their hotel rooms to be their sanctuary, a place where they can store their personal belongings and sleep without fear." (White Paper, 2) Hotel safes are a common place for guests to secure their belongings- it is much more convenient than a communal safety deposit box, giving guests access to their affects in-room. But how can a guest be sure that someone won't come in later with a master key, open up the wall safe or drawer safe, and take items? The best form of prevention is an having the ability to keep track of all entries to the safe. When an individual knows there are measures which can document all usage, they are then less likely to attempt a theft. 240 Audit trails are a great way to document said safe openings, and Safemark safes employ such technology. 

Hacker can get into keycardsThe next security pitfall? 19% of hotels do not know the last time they updated their door lock systems. At the 2012 Black Hat Security Conference, a flaw in hotel keycards was discovered: they could be hacked. In a note from Callaghan, hotels have been advised to upgrade to RFID door lock technology, with the lock and keycards employing advanced encryption. Such measures can prevent a hacker from being able to access millions of rooms.

Contact one of Safemark's Security experts today for a review of your hotel security plan and how we can help fulfill your needs and ensure you don't have a negative guest experience.

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Experience Safemark at BDwest

Posted on Mon, Mar 10, 2014 @ 01:15 PM

This March, Safemark is set to dazzle the exhibit floor at BDwest in San Diego. BDwest- multi-faceted trade fair experience focused on innovation and creativity- serves hospitality design professionals in the western United States, Mexico and Central America. 2014 serves as the second annual marker for BDwest, following a very successful debut in 2013.  A break from traditional trade shows, BDwest seeks to introduce the most cutting edge products and innovative ideas to a market that demands experiential design. So how does Safemark fit in? At Safemark, we believe in listening to and anticipating the needs of our customers, while delivering outstanding and reliable service with a focus on quality and innovation. Innovation and focusing on needs are the key takeaways here; it is through these values that we take hotel security to the next level.

At this year’s BDwest, Safemark will be unveiling a whole new side to hotel security and the protection of personal valuables. Come by and visit our booth, and experience the changing face of hotel safes.

March 20-21, 2014Safemark Exhibit Booth Mockup

San Diego Convention Center

111 W Harbor Dr

San Diego, CA

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Safemark's Hotel Safes Prove Durability

Posted on Thu, Jan 16, 2014 @ 02:06 PM

Safemark stands apart from other hotel safe providers with a strong commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and the highest security standards. Those words were put to the test not long ago when a Safemark customer, Sheraton Burlington Hotel & Conference Center, experienced a fire.

The fire was contained to one room on the second floor of the hotel’s South Champlain building. Officials noted the accidental fire began during renovations when vapor from flammable glue burst into flames after a propane torch ignited construction material. The damage is estimated at $30,000. 



Safemark’s AN 5.3 hotel safe was installed on a shelf less than a foot away from the sprinkler system. When the blaze occurred, the safe received major fire and water damage, however, is still intact and functional. The outside was obviously charred by the flames, yet the safe maintained its structure. The electronic keypad was damaged as well, but the numbers are still visible and the backlit keypad continues to illuminate. More importantly, the safe’s keypad is still functional. Although the door is off kilter, one can clearly see the steel bolts locking and unlocking on cue. The staff member can even manually lock and unlock the safe with the override key.

Hotel Safe

How is this possible? Although Safemark’s safes are not fire rated (a required feature for hotel doors, but not hotel safes), our 30+ years in the hospitality industry has allowed us to perfect the manufacturing of safes. We won’t skimp when it comes to using quality materials that result in reliable, long lasting safes. We made that decision long ago and today it’s separating our company from others.

Proper Planning
We are relieved the Sheraton’s fire damage was minimal. South Burlington Deputy Fire Chief Terry Francis said the Sheraton’s fire evacuation plan worked seamlessly. The hotel had also upgraded its fire alarm system recently and most of the fire was extinguished by the sprinkler system before the fire department arrived. 

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Introducing Nick Pan, Safemark’s new China Sales Manager.

Posted on Thu, Dec 12, 2013 @ 11:58 PM

Nick joined the Safemark Direct Sales Team on 4th November and has direct responsibility for growing our business in mainland China.

“I’m so pleased to finally have a Safemark person based in China as our primary ‘go to’ person for all our customers in China", said Jennifer Ferris Vice President of Asia-Pacific, “and Nick has a perfect background to work well with owners and management companies."

Nick comes from a hotel background having worked at a number of IHG properties over the years. His last two roles were quite challenging as he not only performed the duties of the Front Office Manager in these newly opening properties but was the property's General Project Manager working between the owners and the management team. This experience will be invaluable as he goes to work for Safemark understanding and balancing the needs of Brand Standards against project budgets.

”I was ready for a new challenge and Safemark offers me that opportunity while allowing me to stay in the hospitality industry which I love” says Nick. “I was already familiar with the Safemark product and I’m relishing the opportunity to go out into the industry representing a product I really believe in”.

With global contracts, preferred supplier arrangements and regional approvals with hotel companies such as Fairmont, Four Seasons, Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Carlson, Starwood and Kempinski, Nick certainly has his work cut out for him.

Nick will be driving the Safemark business forward from his home base in 

Nick Pan, Safemark China Sales Manager

Chengdu, Sichuan province but Nick originally comes from Yili in Xinjiang. He is married with a four-year-old daughter plays guitar and cooks!

Nick can be reached at:


Telephone: +86 15308063729

Skype: safemark.nick.pan

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Safemark Systems Hires Industry Veteran Bruce Humphrey

Posted on Wed, Dec 11, 2013 @ 09:07 AM

Safemark is pleased to appoint Bruce Humphrey as regional sales manager. Mr. Humphrey brings nearly two decades of industry experience with a forte in guest service and security. He will be responsible for Safemark’s expanding portfolio of products in the Midwest region of the U.S.

Bruce Humphrey“Bruce’s experience, reputation and integrity made his appointment an easy decision,” said Safemark VP of Sales, John Foley. “He is a true utility player and wellversed in the needs of hotel operations, security, and design. I’m confident he will continue Safemark’s tradition of first-class service.”

Prior to Safemark, Mr. Humphrey held management, sales and operations positions with respected hospitality suppliers including Bartech, Miwa and Nexus. Mr. Humphrey is based in a suburb of Chicago and can be reached at bhumphrey@safemark or (214) 578-1156.

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HI Connect Design 2013 - FODA Design, Meet the designers!

Posted on Mon, Jul 08, 2013 @ 08:07 PM

Safemark was proud to be included as safe supplier to the Hi Connect show in Nashville, Tennessee, a unique show organised by Hotel Interactive with built out fully constructed vignettes created by the vision of leading hospitality designers, architects and purchasing professionals. And those who attended got to step into actual guest rooms and see products in the context in which they belong; in a real hotel environment. 

During the show in Nashville I spoke with the team from FODA Design: award winning Principal Jennifer Kleen and interior designer Jeremy Jones. For more than 15 years, FODA has designed some of the world’s leading spas and resorts and have developed excellent relationships with the hospitality industry’s leading operators, consultants, and developers. With a focus on the luxury market they pride themselves on bringing a sense of place to their work and using materials in new and innovative ways.

I was glad to hear that business is growing for them, mostly in Central and South America but lately in the last six months or so they have seen a rise in domestic projects.  We supplied our EN5.3 Executive 17” laptop compatible safe for their vignette, which was one of the most popular stands at the show.

FODA Design Upscale Guestroom 

Here’s some of the feedback they gave me.

How did you get involved with Hi Connect?


We received a call from Jay Viola from Hotel Interactive. He called us because we were on his list as we visited the year before. He had checked up on who we were and our work he asked if we would be interested in participating this year.  We said we would think about it, and then we said yes! And we’re glad we did because this has been a tremendous experience for us. 

How long has that process been?  When did you start all of this? 


The call from Jay came in September 2012 and we hit the ground running at that point because we knew it would be a complicated process to get the team involved to get a good solid concept and also to spend the time, love and energy that we have done to make the concept come to fruition.

Talk to me about your interaction with the vendors. Did you choose your own vendors or were you given them by the organisers? 


It’s been a mix.  We found a lot of our own vendors.  We ran into a few stumbling blocks with some of them and we went back to HI Connect and asked if they had anyone else we could use.   We also had a purchasing agent involved but 80 per cent of the vendors came from us. 


We included some vendors that we had never worked with in any way before through HI Connect - there were a couple of holes but HI Connect helped us to fill some of those.  HI Connect also introduced us to some of their global sponsors for this event such as Panasonic as well as Safemark of course.

So you have a mix of familiar vendors and new suppliers as well.  That’s good as it creates many more interactions and possibilities.  We try and talk to designers to find out what their thought process is about where the safe is going to go so that it is in a good spot for the guest. As designers, what’s that process with you when thinking about the safe and your selection of case goods? 


This particular room is slightly different from our normal design as we had a choice to put in a closet with a safe as opposed to an armoire because this room is all about making everything efficient in one area. We have a sleeping zone and a living zone so the guest can concentrate on those experiences rather than on some of the more functional things such as storage and ironing that normally in a residential situation would be in a separate room altogether. We wanted to keep the safe off the floor and as high as we could get it as we didn’t want guests to have to go down on their knees to put in their belongings.  That was just one of the many ergonomic considerations that we looked at for this room.

describe the imagedescribe the image  










When it comes to including the functional items we need to have a safe, we need to have a mini-bar, and we need to have closet space with ironing board and iron.  It’s always a lot nicer to have a specific functional area planned out to make the rest of the space more luxurious.  And that is what we try to strive for because that is the market we know and enjoy.  Putting all those details together for a luxury guestroom is a lot more challenging. 

How has the show been and how have people responded? 


It’s been great and very supportive. It’s been exciting to watch people get excited about your design and being able to talk people through it.  It’s been well received with many saying they want to stay in the room literally. 


We have had people come in and ask if our furniture was for sale and a lot saying that we are their favourite booth and that they really love the details of the design.  

Would you do it again? 


Yes, if what happens is going to happen and if we get business out of this.  If we even get one or two projects then definitely we will do it again. 


From the standpoint of manpower and the standpoint of getting to see a vision form, or a dream if you like, come to fruition that is something that we would definitely like to go through again. It will probably come down to timing and the amount of projects in the office.  It’s been a wonderful experience in that we can act like a client.  We like that. And thank you for donating your Safemark safe! 

describe the image

Throughout the HI Connect event all participants were invited to vote for their favourites in a number of different categories. FODA Design’s vignette – Upscale Guestroom – was voted People’s Choice Award, Best Guestroom! Safemark congratulates the team at FODA for this outstanding achievement.  



FODA Design

Tel: (404) 501.0471

Jennifer Kleen     Jennifer Kleen, Principle


Jeremy Jones      Jeremy Jones




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Safety Top Priority When Making Travel Plans

Posted on Wed, Jun 26, 2013 @ 08:15 AM

CNN conducted a “Consumer Connect: Travel & Tourism” survey between October and December 2012 to find out what the deciding factor is for tourists when they choose their travel destinations. The survey asked 3,106 respondents from more than 70 countries to evaluate their decision-making process before traveling.

The results put safety and security at the top of the list with 67%, more than two-thirds, saying safe venues are more appealing.

Holiday Destination Factors resized 600

“That safety and security is significantly more important for respondents than the cost of travel, even in austere times, is an indicator that, in time of regional unrest, the pendulum has swung,” says Didier Mormesse, senior vice president of ad sales research, development and audience insight at CNN International.

Cost ranked a close second with 60% while reputation came in third with 58%.

passport top 1According to the survey, respondents often turn to location-specific and travel websites when planning their trips. They also noted that recommendations and information from family and friends help in choosing their destination and hotel stay.

Safemark knows that safety should be a top priority. When booking a hotel, check to see what safety features the hotel offers. Guest room safes are a good way to keep guests’ valuables safe. Our safes are specially designed to hold items such as laptops and iPads while our peephole covers provide extra privacy.


Secure Those Important Documents

When traveling, along with identification documents, people often turn to credit cards for their financial needs. To protect one’s identity, we at Safemark would like to stress that you should not leave credit cards, passports, or other important valuables with your name and information lying around your hotel room. The door may have a lock on it, but leaving those items out could create several problems. If you don’t need to carry your passport or computer around during the actual vacation, your hotel safe can keep these valuables secure.

A hotel room should be a home away from home, and that includes feeling secure, so factor in safety next time you plan your getaway.

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Hotel Break-Ins Still An Issue Due to Computer Hackers, Faulty Locks

Posted on Tue, Jun 18, 2013 @ 08:08 PM

Last year, lock firm Onity was made aware of a security flaw that allowed computer hackers to break their locks and enter into hotel rooms. Onity announced that they were in the process of fixing it, but hackers are still manipulating the system with a new hacking technique.

After several break-ins at various hotels in Arizona, police and hotel staff concluded that the burglars gained access into the rooms by inserting a small device into a data port located on the bottom of the hotel locks. This data port stores the memory in which the hackers’ device used to access a digital key and trigger the opening mechanism of the lock.

hackercodecpu shutterstockInside Edition recently did a report about these lock-breaking devices. Security researcher and software developer, Cody Brocious, demonstrated for the cameras how easy it is to use the device. Within seconds of sticking the hand-held hacking machine into the data port, the electronic lock clicked open and Brocious immediately gained access to the room without using a key. He revealed that the small homemade device is very simple to make, costing less than 50 dollars, and videos on YouTube show just how easy it is to make and use.   

Onity is currently in the process of supplying temporary plugs to cover the data ports for the keycard locks of its more than four million rooms worldwide.

Four million is a big number. That’s four million hotel rooms unprotected, where a guests’ privacy is in danger of being invaded. According to police reports, recent items stolen from hotel rooms included luggage, TVs, laptops, iPads, the gun and badge of a U.S. Marshall, and the uniform of an airline pilot.

Because this lock issue is still very much alive, it’s important to take extra precaution when staying in a hotel. As Pat Brosnan, CEO of Brosnan Risk Communications, told Inside Edition, “You’ve got to use common sense. Leave your valuables in a safe. Don’t leave them in a room.” 

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