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Safemark Systems Recruits Industry Veteran John Chaffin

Posted on Sun, Apr 17, 2016 @ 09:06 PM

Safemark Systems, the hospitality industry's leading provider of guest room safes, has appointed John Chaffin as regional sales manager. Chaffin has nearly three decades of hospitality experience and will be responsible for Safemark’s expanding security solutions in the Southwest U.S. region.

Chaffin.jpg“John has an impressive background with a diverse blend of supplier and hotelier experience,” said John Foley, Safemark vice president of sales. “His deep knowledge of technology – specifically tied to security – will undoubtable contribute greatly to our company. I’m confident our customers will appreciate John’s attentive and professional nature and passion for delivering exceptional service.”

“I’ve always admired Safemark’s relentless commitment to quality,” noted John Chaffin. “Safemark’s preferred and often exclusive partnerships with notable hotel brands and management companies speaks volumes and I’m excited to be part of the team.”

Prior to joining Safemark, Chaffin held sales management positions with respected hospitality suppliers. He also spent nearly seven years working in various property-level positions for Marriott International, Inc.® Chaffin can be reached at jchaffin@safemark or (480) 600-9829.

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SPEYEGUARD® Stationary Covers – Protecting the Privacy of Your Guests and Protecting Your Hotel

Posted on Wed, Mar 16, 2016 @ 01:45 PM

The Erin Andrews’ lawsuit is bound to have a tremendous ripple effect on hotel security and privacy. And frankly, it should. With the jury awarding Andrews $55 million, hotels need to act now and evaluate their current operating procedures and facility to ensure their guests are secure. This is especially important because high profile cases tend to bring perpetrators out of the woodwork.

Safemark partnered with Privacy Logic in 2011, the US based manufacturer of SPEYEGUARD® peephole covers. Led by Gary Van Solkema, President of Privacy Logic, we were impressed with their tamperproof design and genuine passion for guest room security. Gary and his team worked diligently to perfect the peephole cover and were rewarded with a patent on the design. 

The SPEYEGUARD® stationary cover incorporates an exclusive slide mechanism that automatically self-closes and always covers the peephole to ensure maximum privacy. The two-part cover easily installs over existing door viewers without the hassle of having to remove and re-install the viewer.

To operate, guests simply slide the cover up, look through the viewer and release. The cover automatically slides down to a closed position. The covers are designed to grasp easily with one hand or a closed fist and do not require pinching or twisting to operate. This makes it easy to use for every guest, including those with disabilities.

Regardless of the hotel’s age, peepholes are often found loose, which can result from climate changes and normal use. By installing SPEYEGUARD™ Stationary Covers, hotels are heightening guest room security, protecting guests’ privacy, and reducing hotel owner's liability. In addition, hoteliers can maintain the design integrity of their guest room door hardware with one of several sophisticated, plated finishes and/or an embedded custom logo.

We want to help prevent guests from being violated and hoteliers from costly lawsuits. Hotels can expedite ordering of the peephole covers through our website where several finishes are available to complement existing hardware and décor. Installation is quick and easy and can be performed during normal housekeeping duties.Peephole Cover for Hotels

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Safemark Systems Joins The National Purchasing Network as Exclusive Provider of Guestroom Safes

Posted on Tue, Feb 16, 2016 @ 12:11 PM

Orlando, Fla. (February 16, 2016) – Safemark Systems is entering 2016 as the exclusive provider of guest room safes – including delivery and optional installation services – for The National Purchasing Network (NPN). With more than one million safes installed around the world, Safemark continues to lead the industry with innovation and design. Today 39 of the top 40 hotel brands rely on Safemark to provide their guests with the most secure in-room safe technology.

“With more than 25 million dollars in purchasing power, NPN members receive the best products at the best price,” said Terry Small, director of National Purchasing Network. “We are committed to building relationships that last with suppliers who have passed the test of time. For more than 30 years, Safemark has delivered the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for protecting guests’ valuables and shielding hotels against alleged losses. Safemark’s broad range of safe options, combined with their expert installation and 24/7 technical support, are the perfect complement to our portfolio. We welcome them aboard.”

Based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, NPN is designed to save hoteliers money and increase productivity. As part of NPN, hoteliers have access to a vast supply of hospitality products and services. From procurement to execution, NPN makes buying easy.

“Safemark is delighted to partner with NPN,” said John Foley, Safemark vice president of sales. “We look forward to working with members to ensure that their hotels and guests benefit from the convenience and reliability of our extensive portfolio of in-room safes.”

About Safemark
Celebrating over 30 years of guest room security, Safemark is the dominant provider of safes to the global hospitality industry and the approved supplier for leading hotel brands and management companies. With more than one million installations and the widest selection of safes, Safemark has engineered a complete line of safes to balance the unique needs of operators, designers, and hotel guests. As an added peace of mind, each safe includes a manufacturer’s warranty and an exclusive $10,000 limited warranty against forced entry. Safemark recently merged with ScooterBug, Inc. to provide customers with an extensive portfolio of guest security and mobility solutions. This powerful combination alters the way hospitality, leisure and entertainment venues deliver guest convenience through exclusive patented technologies. For additional information, visit

About NPN
Based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, The National Purchasing Network is a smarter solution for your Hotels Foods, Rooms and Maintenance Procurement. With more than twenty five million dollars of purchasing power, NPN has forged working partnerships with many of the dominant manufacturers as well as those supplying the industry with a more specific quality product. From our Master Supplier relationships with SYSCO, Edward Don, Guest Supply, Ecolab, Entegra, Coke, Steritech, Staples, Serta, PSAV and Royal Cup to our niche relationship that include Nestles, Kens Foods, Xerox, Topp Copiers and many more, we have a portfolio of goods and services to meet your properties specific needs. For more information, visit

Shatterproof Benefit at JW Marriott L.A.

Posted on Thu, Feb 04, 2016 @ 10:26 AM

During the Americas Lodging Investors Summit in January 2016, myself long with more than 150 hospitality executives rappelled down 26 stories at the JW Marriott L.A. Live. Together we raised over $1 million to benefit Shatterproof, a national organization focused on preventing and treating addiction to drugs and alcohol. Shatterproof’s founder, Gary Mendell, was the previous Chairman for HEI Hotels & Resorts. Gary’s son, Brian, lost his life to addiction in 2011 so it was an honor to show our support.

While the thought of rappelling off the side of the JW Marriott had me shaking, it was worth every moment knowing our team was helping fight such a worthy cause. I encourage others to take the Shatterproof Challenge for an unbelievable experience – both physically and emotionally.



Addiction sneaks up on our teens and leads to a cycle of shame, isolation, failure — and, far too often, death. Here is a bit more information from our friends at Shatterproof regarding Addiction:

ShatterproofLogo-1.jpgAddiction permeates every geographic corner of the country and every socioeconomic class. It takes the life of more than 120,000 people annually, making it the third largest cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer. With more than 22 million Americans suffering from addiction, it is the nation’s fourth most prevalent disease. Those who are plagued by addiction, and the scores of millions who love them, find their lives shattered. All told, at least 100 million Americans suffer directly or indirectly from this disease – nearly one in three people in this country.

Even more troubling, while the trends for cancer and heart disease deaths are declining significantly due to early detection, behavior change and improved treatment, the number of those dying from drug use continues to rise, doubling between 1999 and 2007.4 The number of overdose deaths caused by prescription painkillers alone has increased four times between 1999 and 2010.

In addition to the direct human toll, the societal costs of this disease in the United States are staggering. In financial terms, the cost of addiction exceeds $400 billion a year in health care, criminal justice and lost productivity. Beyond these measurable costs, addiction is inextricably linked to poverty: the poor are more than twice as likely to be addicted as those above the median household income. It has trapped millions in a relentless cycle of academic failure, crime and poverty, devastating neighborhoods everywhere. Taken together, all of this makes addiction the most significant crisis in the United States today.

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Avendra Extends Partnership with Safemark Systems

Posted on Mon, Jan 11, 2016 @ 09:24 PM

Based on successful 10-year relationship, Safemark Safes will be available to Avendra members for an additional five years

Orlando, Fla. (December 15, 2015) – Safemark Systems, the dominant provider of guest room safes to the worldwide hospitality industry, is pleased to announce its third major contract renewal with Avendra. As part of the five-year agreement, Safemark will continue to provide its extensive portfolio of safes to Avendra’s customers throughout North America.

avendra_logo_color.pngAvendra is the leading procurement services provider serving the hospitality industry in North America. With over $4 billion of purchasing power, Avendra’s purchasing solutions help hotels save time and money, while keeping the guest experience top of mind.

“Avendra is committed to building long-term relationships with the best suppliers that can deliver the greatest value to our customers,” said Danita Hill, strategic sourcing manager, Avendra. “Based on the proven integrity of Safemark Systems and quality of its in-room safes, we are pleased to renew our agreement with this security leader.”

tribute.pngSafemark’s safes include the industry’s most comprehensive audit trail designed to protect guests’ valuables and shield hotels from alleged losses. As an added peace of mind, each safe includes a manufacturer’s warranty for up to five years and an exclusive $10,000 limited warranty against forced entry.

“We have had the pleasure of working with Avendra since 2005 and will continue to collaborate with their team to ensure hotels and their guests benefit from the convenience of electronic safes,” said John Foley, Safemark vice president of sales, serving Avendra customers in North America. Avendra has set rigorous standards for quality, pricing, consistency of service and on-time delivery. We are proud to be part of their comprehensive program.”

About Avendra

Formed in 2001, Avendra is North America’s leading procurement services provider serving the hospitality and lodging industries. Avendra customers gain access to contracts leveraging over $4 billion of annual purchases, expert advisory services and in-depth purchasing data and analysis. Through Avendra, customers obtain substantial savings on their purchases and other value added services to improve their operations and bottom line results. Seven thousand hospitality businesses rely on Avendra’s procurement solutions to help meet their strategic business initiatives. The company is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland and has regional offices throughout North America. For more information, please call (866) AVENDRA, or visit

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Avoid These Excuses for not Installing Safes in Hotels

Posted on Wed, Dec 16, 2015 @ 12:51 PM

As a hotel owner, you have lots of choices when it comes to furnishing your rooms. In the process of choosing carpet, furniture, and accessories, one thing you may forget to include is a safe. Hotel operators tend to come up with numerous excuses to avoid installing safes, but here are some common ones that you should avoid making.

#1. They are not really needed
Just because the crime rate in your area is rather low doesn’t mean safes for hotels are not needed. Thefts can occur any time or any place, so it only makes sense that you should take action to prevent them from happening rather than reacting after the fact.

#2. Hotel safes present an awkward appearance
Modern safes are not always bulky in appearance, and will therefore not detract from your room’s décor. Smaller drawer safes can easily be installed inconspicuously, allowing your guests to store guns, jewelry, and electronics with ease. Even larger wall safes can easily be installed inside a closet or in between wall joists, allowing them to blend in with the rest of your furnishings.

#3. Installing safes in every room will cost too much money
Hotel safes these days are not only attractive, but they are also more affordable than ever. The safes we offer are also very durable, which means that your initial investment will provide you with years’ worth of practical use. On the other hand, not installing a safe could cost you your reputation should one of your employees be accused of wrongdoing. Some guests may even view your hotel as unsecure and make reservations elsewhere, costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

excuses.pngDon’t make these excuses for not installing a hotel safe.  Instead, visit Safemark Systems to see the large selection of affordable safes they have available.


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Happy Holidays From the Safemark Team

Posted on Tue, Dec 15, 2015 @ 11:00 AM


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Wisco Hotels opens Holiday Inn Express Fond Du Lac, WI

Posted on Thu, Sep 17, 2015 @ 12:02 PM

Wisco Hotel Group, a Safemark Customer for over 11 years, opens yet another beautiful property. Dozens of local business and hotel colleagues came out for the event to show their support and excitement for the Wisco Group. Safemark’s Katie Maginess was invited to attend the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony.  The Holiday Inn Express is a beautiful property and they will be adding Safemark safes this month in all of their rooms. Congratulations to the Wisco team on the opening of your new hotel.


Small Hotel Guest Room? No Problem!

Posted on Wed, Sep 02, 2015 @ 09:14 AM

If you have fairly small guest rooms, you may be concerned that there is no place to install a safe. However, this will only prove to be a disadvantage when it comes to attracting new customers, especially group business as your neighboring hotels likely provide safes to their guests. A great solution is investing in drawer safes or simply retrofiring the dresser to accommodate a front-loading safe.

DP5.3-open-with-contents.pngDrawer Safes
Safemark's drawer safes are designed to accommodate the evolving guest room credenzas. Several options are available including pull drawers and those with hydraulic arms.

Safemark's DP 5.3 Drawer Pull Safe shown here offers easy top-access for quickly storing valuables including 17" laptops and much more. Typically situated in a credenza or near the desk, the drawer pull safe incorporates our sleek, tilted keypad design.


Retrofit Solutions
By simply removing the top drawer in a credenza and adding a false front with piano hinges, one of Safemark's many front-loading safes can be installed to increase the value of your guest rooms.


Most people on a vacation or a business trip have valuables in the form of jewelry or electronics. As a hotel manager or owner, you should want to provide your guests with as much protection as possible. If you do not already have safes installed, contact our professional sales team for guidance on the best type of safe for your hotel. Once installed, be sure your hotel website lists "in-room safes" as an amenity.

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Enhanced Guest Experience

Posted on Tue, Aug 25, 2015 @ 10:57 AM

Our broad range of solutions enables operators around the world to improve operational efficiencies and increase
profits – all while enhancing the overall guest experience.




Founded in 1968, Best Lockers is a leading provider of electronic locker solutions to the leisure and entertainment industries. Their patented GoPod enables guests to quickly store belongings while facilities benefit with increased revenues and improved patron satisfaction. Best Lockers was acquired by Safemark in 2011.





With over 300 customers and 40,000 pieces of equipment deployed, ScooterBug is the market leader in providing custom guest mobility solutions. Their customer base includes theme parks, water parks, and amusement parks, zoos, malls, casinos, hospitals, resorts and other destination locations throughout the world.



SPEYEGUARD® stationary covers are an innovative peephole cover developed to protect against tampering. Designed to automatically self-close, SPEYEGUARD® stationary covers eliminate the issues found with swing-style and side-slide covers. SPEYEGUARD® stationary covers easily retrofit on both wood and metal doors.

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