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Protect Your Guests AND Your Hotel Reputation With High-Quality Drawer Safes

Posted by Katy Rushing on Sat, Jan 07, 2017 @ 03:44 PM

With the rapidly growing popularity of online review portals like Yelp or TripAdvisor in recent years, hotel owners have become acutely aware of how important it is to manage their reputation both in the "real world" and online. 

These review portals are a double-edged sword for many proprietors – a bevy of good reviews can yield a continuous stream of new customers, while only a handful of negative reviews can be devastating. Virtual review platforms now have a direct and substantial impact on real-world businesses.

One of the best ways to protect the your hotel's reputation is by doing everything in your power to safeguard your guests and their possessions. A negative review complaining of theft can act as a major "red flag" to potential customers. Even a single review of this nature can have a lasting impact for years.

The ideal course of action is to prevent theft before it happens.

Drawer safes are affordable-yet-efficient solutions to theft prevention. These security devices can be securely fastened to a credenza or near the desk in a room with a security cable. A thief would have to make off with the entire piece of furniture, which is unlikely to say the least.


A high quality drawer safe – such as the DN 5.4 Electronic Drawer Safe – should have features like a digital keypad, a motorized locking system, and an internal light. Effective drawer safes will also have what's called an "Event Audit Trail" feature, which means that the safe stores a record of each time it's been opened and locked. The users full name and method used are also recorded. In the event of an unauthorized access, hotel staff can help narrow down the culprit by checking the time stamps.

In addition to installing security equipment in each room of the hotel, staff members should be trained in properly explaining the usage of the equipment to guests.

Protect your guest's belongings and they'll pay you back tenfold by helping you protect your reputation.

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New Website

Posted by Bridget Werba on Tue, Dec 20, 2016 @ 10:10 AM
SM_Cover-Photo-v04-01.jpgWe have a new website and now testing our blog posts. Happy Holidays

ISHP Selects Safemark as 2016 VQA Recipient

Posted by Bridget Werba on Fri, Nov 18, 2016 @ 07:51 AM

Safemark Systems has received the prestigious 2016 Vendor Quality Award (VQA) from the International Society of Hospitality Purchasers (ISHP). The award was presented in New York City on November 12th during the ISHP Annual Fundraiser to support Hollywood Heart, a nonprofit that provides opportunities for at-risk youth affected by HIV/AIDS.

ISHP is a group of leading hospitality professionals who are dedicated to ethical procurement principles, business integrity and fiduciary standards. ISHP introduced the VQA in 2013 to recognize the industry’s elite suppliers who consistently deliver excellent products and service. Once nominated by an ISHP member, the vendor must receive the successful vote of the VQA Committee of ISHP Officers and meet the below standards. 

  • Vendor has provided a consistent quality product meeting hospitality standards.
  • Vendor has provided excellent communication and customer service throughout the purchasing process.
  • Vendor has consistently delivered on time.
  • Vendor has dedicated senior management.

“Our ISHP members spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually on behalf of clients,” said Mitchell Parker, ISHP president. “Achieving the VQA is no easy task. To make the cut, the vendor must have a history of consistent performance across a wide range of projects while working with some very demanding purchasers. We congratulate Safemark and welcome them to our exclusive club.”

“We are honored to receive such an esteemed award,” said John Foley, Safemark vice president of sales. “This award speaks to our service commitment, dedication to quality and continual drive to innovate. We thank ISHP for recognizing our team and for their countless efforts to give back to the community by assisting Hollywood Heart.”

Here is a picture from the night with fellow award recipients (left to right):  Carl Long, PMI Dallas; Josh Mandel, Majestic Mirror & Frame; John Foley, Safemark; Adam Schindler, Walters Wicker; Josh Lane, Safemark; Mitch Parker, Parker International.

Safemark Receives VQA 2016.jpg

2016 Events and Trade Shows (October-December)

Posted by Katy Rushing on Wed, Oct 05, 2016 @ 01:50 PM

Attending one of the following events? Be sure to stop by and sell hello to our Direct Sales team.

Trade Shows Dates Location
Hawaii HHLT Assoc Annual Conference October TBD TBD
Dirt Days October 14-November 16 Atlanta, GA
Best Western Show October 16-19 Phoenix, AZ
BITAC P&D West October 16-18 Phoenix, AZ
HOTEC Europe October 19-22 Monaco
NEWH Regional Dallas October 27 Dallas, TX
BDNY East - NYC November 13-14 Javitz

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The Difference Between a Satisfied and Unsatisfied Customer

Posted by Katy Rushing on Mon, Sep 19, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

David was on a business trip to San Diego to attend a few meetings. He was traveling light with a small carry-on bag, however, David had several work-sensitive items on hand including confidential HR documents and a laptop full of files. When the final meeting of the day adjourned early, David decided to take advantage of the new found free time. He set his heavy briefcase on the hotel desk, changed into board shorts, and headed for the beach.

A few hours later David returned to the hotel room and began to pack his belongings for an early morning flight. But, something was wrong. His briefcase felt light when he moved it off the desk. Looking inside David discovered that his laptop was gone…did he leave it at the corporate office? The HR documents were missing along with the keys to his car parked at the Atlanta airport. What the @#&%$! After frantic calls to the corporate office and no sign of the missing valuables, David knew the items disappeared from the hotel room while he was away at the beach. Yes, the hotel room where he thought everything was secure. Did he accidently leave the door ajar? Did someone from the hotel staff sneak into the room with a master key? Did another guest or a random thief get in somehow?  David was in quite the predicament because he couldn't miss his flight but also would face a very upset boss if the papers ended up in the wrong hands. And what about his car keys? What a nightmare that would be to deal with!

Now, imagine the same scenario but in a hotel where safes were installed in each guest room. When David returned to the hotel room from the last meeting, he placed his laptop, files, and car keys in the hotel safe. It only took a moment to secure the items and gave David peace of mind knowing his belongings were out of site and locked away with a private 4-digit PIN.

In this situation, convenient access to a safe in the guest room made all the difference between an unsatisfied and a satisfied customer. For more information about safes for your guest rooms, contact Safemark Systems today. We provide hotel safes for reputable hotels all over the world and we can help you too. 


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Scooterbug - Everyone Should Be Able to Enjoy Vacation

Posted by Katy Rushing on Wed, Sep 07, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Is your property prepared to accommodate guests needing an extra lift in getting around? A few years ago, Safemark merged with ScooterBug to offer a full line of mobility solutions. They deliver value added fleet mobility and enhanced guest service programs to entertainment venues and customers worldwide.

Scooterbug’s dedicated professional staff provides customers with the superior and dependable service. As a company, ScooterBug brings “vision” and practicality together to create optimized programs that are always, “just the right fit.” Theirr Fleet Mobility Model looks like this:


With guest mobility product programs for the Leisure and Entertainment industries including theme parks, zoos, malls, casinos, resorts, and other destination locations — ScooterBug is a leader in providing custom solutions designed to meet every customer’s unique needs.

ScooterBug’s state-of-the art personal scooters. strollers, and wheelchairs are commercial grade, and designed to meet the performance demands of any environment.

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2016 Events and Trade Shows (August-October)

Posted by Katy Rushing on Thu, Aug 11, 2016 @ 06:31 PM

Attending one of the following events? Be sure to stop by and sell hello to our Direct Sales team.

Trade Shows Dates Location
IHG Owner Regional (Dallas) August 9 Dallas, TX
CFHLA HEAT August 24 Orlando, FL
BITAC Global August 28-30 Cancun, Mexico
Hawaii Security Conference September TBD TBD
Marriott Global Design Conference September 1-2 Washington D.C.
NEWH Regionals Bethesda September 8 Bethesda, MD
Wyndham National Conference September 10-14 Las Vegas, NV
IHG Owner Regional (Atlanta) September 13 Atlanta, GA
IHG Owner Regional (Chicago) September 20 Chicago, IL
IHG Owner Regional (Los Angeles) September 22 Los Angeles, CA
Hawaii HHLT Assoc Annual Conference October TBD TBD
Dirt Days October 14-November 16 Atlanta, GA
Best Western Show October 16-19 Phoenix, AZ
BITAC P&D West October 16-18 Phoenix, AZ
HOTEC Europe October 19-22 Monaco
NEWH Regionals Dallas October 27 Dallas, TX

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Are Guestroom Safes on Your Hotels’ 2016 Hurricane Prep List?

Posted by Katy Rushing on Wed, Jun 29, 2016 @ 02:00 PM

Although it may be hard to imagine by looking out a window, the Atlantic Hurricane season is well under way. The season officially kicked off June 1st and poses a danger to hotel guests, their belongings, and of course, the hotel. The danger doesn’t just lie with the havoc mother nature can cause, but what looters can do.

Think back to Hurricane Odie and what happened in Baja. NBC News and other media outlets reported that many hotels were looted along with other buildings. Some looting happened before the storm hit as lodging properties were evacuated. The hotel properties that remained open during the storm even experienced looting while the hurricane was raging through the Baja. However, the majority of theft occurred afterward, while everyone was distracted by the storm damage and recovery efforts. Similar occurrences happened during other named storms, including Katrina and Sandy.

What may be done to prevent that from happening during the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season and beyond? For starters, Safemark deters crimes with the the installation of drawer safes. Drawer safes and other hotel safes may have helped keep some of that looting at bay. As we all know, the looter’s goal is to get in, grab what he or she can, and then get out undetected. Having drawer safes or any other type of safe in the guest room will undoubtedly slow looters down. Perhaps, the looters would just abandon a secure property in lieu of targeting hotels where safes are not installed.

To learn more about preparing hotel properties for the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season with drawer safes and other security measures, please contact us today.


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Hotel Security Lapses Leave Travelers in Sour Moods

Posted by Katy Rushing on Mon, Jun 06, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

If the events of January 2016 are any indication, hotel security is going to be on the minds of travelers across the nation. The start of the year brought with it numerous hotel break-ins. The hardest hit areas were tourist locations close to major airports and interstates. Two states most impacted by the lapses in security were Hawaii and Florida.

Maui was one of the cities affected in Hawaii. Jacksonville and Orlando were among the targeted spots in Florida. People hit in those regions lost a number of valuable items. That’s bad news all around, especially when many of those stolen items go on to play roles in other crimes. With that being said, January’s barrage of break-ins is all the more reason to install guestroom safes. Hotel safes allow travelers opportunities to keep their belongings secure from vulnerable areas and subsequently away from criminals’ hands.

Safemark’s 30+ years of experience in improving hotel security largely speaks for itself. We specialize in more than guestroom safes – our solutions include peephole covers and electronic lockers, which certainly have the potential to cut down on crimes against tourists.

This year, the tourism industry is expected to bring in a tremendous amount of money. So why jeopardize that profit potential by allowing lapses in hotel security to tarnish the hotel’s reputation – especially when there are easy, affordable solutions available? Contact our sales team to learn more.


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Guest Room Safes Are Critical - Here's Why

Posted by Katy Rushing on Mon, May 23, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

As a hotel owner, you have lots of choices when it comes to furnishing your rooms. In the process of choosing carpet, furniture, and accessories, one thing you don’t want to forget is in-room safes. Here’s why:

Hotel Room Safes are a Necessity
They are needed. It is becoming a fact of life that security is a major concern for people who are traveling. With personal information being stored on many different devices customers are looking for ways to stow these items and not worry about them during their vacation or business trip. A hotel room safe is the perfect solution for this concern.

Sleek and Stylish Design
The hotel safe is no longer an awkward, bulky piece of metal in the hotel room. With conventional, sleek designs in-room safes can easily be tucked away in a closet or in an armoire. Safemark offers several different safes – designed to fit any hotel room. 

Hotel Room Safes are an Expected Amenity
Rather than storing valuables at the front desk, guest’s love the convenience of accessing their belongings when needed. And, they also want the peace of mind that their items are secure when away from the hotel room. 

The Bottom Line – (Ideal for Economy Properties)
Hotel room safes are an excellent source of revenue for economy type properties.Safemark pioneered the Security Cash Flow (SCF) program over 30 years ago enabling hoteliers to provide safes at no out-of-pocket expense. At the same time, those hotels earn approximately $100 per room per month when running the SCF program.



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