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2016 Events and Trade Shows (August-October)

Posted on Thu, Aug 11, 2016 @ 06:31 PM

Attending one of the following events? Be sure to stop by and sell hello to our Direct Sales team.

Trade Shows Dates Location
IHG Owner Regional (Dallas) August 9 Dallas, TX
CFHLA HEAT August 24 Orlando, FL
BITAC Global August 28-30 Cancun, Mexico
Hawaii Security Conference September TBD TBD
Marriott Global Design Conference September 1-2 Washington D.C.
NEWH Regionals Bethesda September 8 Bethesda, MD
Wyndham National Conference September 10-14 Las Vegas, NV
IHG Owner Regional (Atlanta) September 13 Atlanta, GA
IHG Owner Regional (Chicago) September 20 Chicago, IL
IHG Owner Regional (Los Angeles) September 22 Los Angeles, CA
Hawaii HHLT Assoc Annual Conference October TBD TBD
Dirt Days October 14-November 16 Atlanta, GA
Best Western Show October 16-19 Phoenix, AZ
BITAC P&D West October 16-18 Phoenix, AZ
HOTEC Europe October 19-22 Monaco
NEWH Regionals Dallas October 27 Dallas, TX

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Are Guestroom Safes on Your Hotels’ 2016 Hurricane Prep List?

Posted on Wed, Jun 29, 2016 @ 02:00 PM

Although it may be hard to imagine by looking out a window, the Atlantic Hurricane season is well under way. The season officially kicked off June 1st and poses a danger to hotel guests, their belongings, and of course, the hotel. The danger doesn’t just lie with the havoc mother nature can cause, but what looters can do.

Think back to Hurricane Odie and what happened in Baja. NBC News and other media outlets reported that many hotels were looted along with other buildings. Some looting happened before the storm hit as lodging properties were evacuated. The hotel properties that remained open during the storm even experienced looting while the hurricane was raging through the Baja. However, the majority of theft occurred afterward, while everyone was distracted by the storm damage and recovery efforts. Similar occurrences happened during other named storms, including Katrina and Sandy.

What may be done to prevent that from happening during the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season and beyond? For starters, Safemark deters crimes with the the installation of drawer safes. Drawer safes and other hotel safes may have helped keep some of that looting at bay. As we all know, the looter’s goal is to get in, grab what he or she can, and then get out undetected. Having drawer safes or any other type of safe in the guest room will undoubtedly slow looters down. Perhaps, the looters would just abandon a secure property in lieu of targeting hotels where safes are not installed.

To learn more about preparing hotel properties for the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season with drawer safes and other security measures, please contact us today.


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Hotel Security Lapses Leave Travelers in Sour Moods

Posted on Mon, Jun 06, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

If the events of January 2016 are any indication, hotel security is going to be on the minds of travelers across the nation. The start of the year brought with it numerous hotel break-ins. The hardest hit areas were tourist locations close to major airports and interstates. Two states most impacted by the lapses in security were Hawaii and Florida.

Maui was one of the cities affected in Hawaii. Jacksonville and Orlando were among the targeted spots in Florida. People hit in those regions lost a number of valuable items. That’s bad news all around, especially when many of those stolen items go on to play roles in other crimes. With that being said, January’s barrage of break-ins is all the more reason to install guestroom safes. Hotel safes allow travelers opportunities to keep their belongings secure from vulnerable areas and subsequently away from criminals’ hands.

Safemark’s 30+ years of experience in improving hotel security largely speaks for itself. We specialize in more than guestroom safes – our solutions include peephole covers and electronic lockers, which certainly have the potential to cut down on crimes against tourists.

This year, the tourism industry is expected to bring in a tremendous amount of money. So why jeopardize that profit potential by allowing lapses in hotel security to tarnish the hotel’s reputation – especially when there are easy, affordable solutions available? Contact our sales team to learn more.


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Guest Room Safes Are Critical - Here's Why

Posted on Mon, May 23, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

As a hotel owner, you have lots of choices when it comes to furnishing your rooms. In the process of choosing carpet, furniture, and accessories, one thing you don’t want to forget is in-room safes. Here’s why:

Hotel Room Safes are a Necessity
They are needed. It is becoming a fact of life that security is a major concern for people who are traveling. With personal information being stored on many different devices customers are looking for ways to stow these items and not worry about them during their vacation or business trip. A hotel room safe is the perfect solution for this concern.

Sleek and Stylish Design
The hotel safe is no longer an awkward, bulky piece of metal in the hotel room. With conventional, sleek designs in-room safes can easily be tucked away in a closet or in an armoire. Safemark offers several different safes – designed to fit any hotel room. 

Hotel Room Safes are an Expected Amenity
Rather than storing valuables at the front desk, guest’s love the convenience of accessing their belongings when needed. And, they also want the peace of mind that their items are secure when away from the hotel room. 

The Bottom Line – (Ideal for Economy Properties)
Hotel room safes are an excellent source of revenue for economy type properties.Safemark pioneered the Security Cash Flow (SCF) program over 30 years ago enabling hoteliers to provide safes at no out-of-pocket expense. At the same time, those hotels earn approximately $100 per room per month when running the SCF program.



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Do Your Hotel Safes Accommodate Today's Travelers?

Posted on Sun, May 01, 2016 @ 07:13 AM

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Remember when a vacation used to be an actual vacation? When it was time away from work, responsibility, phone calls, and the boss? Yeah, us neither.

It's a rare worker bee (or even rarer CEO) that doesn't go on vacation toting enough tech gadgets to make Bill Gates jealous. That's why, now more than ever, your hotel needs adequate laptop safes.

Are your safes keeping up with technology?

Even if you currently provide an in-room safe, will it hold all the technology that today's traveler needs? For a while, technology was getting smaller. Now, it's not "smaller" so much as "lighter." While they don't weigh what they used to, laptops are still pretty big in order to provide as much screen real estate as possible.

Phones are not only getting more expensive, they've grown to huge sizes as people use them as mini-computers to check e-mail, browse the web, play games and even watch movies. The new tech wearables, like watches, are being sold on the premise that you don't have to pull out your highly-stealable phone just to see if you have a message.

Tablets are made to be thin and light, easily portable. But they can also have a lot of equipment as add-ons, such as protective covers, headphones, and attachable keyboards.

Speaking of add-ons, travelers are carrying power cords, extra batteries, flash drives, various cables and other necessities.

And when a couple checks into your hotel, there's a pretty good chance that BOTH of them brought their laptops. Maybe, the kids will too.

All this tech needs to fit in their in-room safe. Just in case they actually get to spend some vacation time having fun instead of worrying about work. (It could happen!)

Is it time to re-assess your laptop safes?

If you think that your safes need more capacity, contact us. Safemark Systems has a wide assortment of in-room safes and laptop safes, all aimed at giving your customers peace of mind when they stay with you.


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Ways to Improve your Hotel Security

Posted on Tue, Apr 26, 2016 @ 06:58 AM

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Whether they travel for business or pleasure, hotel guests expect a top level of hotel security. Here are some ways to make sure your hotel will always meet your guests' expectations:

  • Security-minded Customer Service:  Make sure your staff members are always following security protocols, even if they think they know the guest they are working with. It might seem like no big deal to let the rules slide for frequent guests, but when something like checking identification for each guest requesting a new room key is a policy, it needs to always be enforced. Guests will understand if they are inconvenienced because you are taking security measures to ensure their safety.
  •  After hours access: Outside doors that are only accessible with an active room key minimizes the chances that a criminal is entering the hotel property after hours. Security personnel should also be patrolling the hotel during the night to ensure guests' safety.
  • In-room safes: Installing in-room safes is vital for guests' safety and protection of their valuables. Make sure each guest understands how to use the safe, and provide friendly help to those who need it.
  • Training: Perhaps the most important and the simplest way to make sure your hotel is running securely is to provide routine training. Every employee should be aware of security protocols and should know what to do if s/he suspects criminal activity. Make sure every employee knows what the security plan is should an emergency arise.

If your hotel is not doing all of the above items, start implementing them as soon as possible. Consider your particular hotel, and decide what else you can do to make ensure your guests' are as secure as possible so they feel comfortable returning to your establishment again and again.


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Safemark Systems Recruits Industry Veteran John Chaffin

Posted on Sun, Apr 17, 2016 @ 09:06 PM

Safemark Systems, the hospitality industry's leading provider of guest room safes, has appointed John Chaffin as regional sales manager. Chaffin has nearly three decades of hospitality experience and will be responsible for Safemark’s expanding security solutions in the Southwest U.S. region.

Chaffin.jpg“John has an impressive background with a diverse blend of supplier and hotelier experience,” said John Foley, Safemark vice president of sales. “His deep knowledge of technology – specifically tied to security – will undoubtable contribute greatly to our company. I’m confident our customers will appreciate John’s attentive and professional nature and passion for delivering exceptional service.”

“I’ve always admired Safemark’s relentless commitment to quality,” noted John Chaffin. “Safemark’s preferred and often exclusive partnerships with notable hotel brands and management companies speaks volumes and I’m excited to be part of the team.”

Prior to joining Safemark, Chaffin held sales management positions with respected hospitality suppliers. He also spent nearly seven years working in various property-level positions for Marriott International, Inc.® Chaffin can be reached at jchaffin@safemark or (480) 600-9829.

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Electronic Safes in Healthcare

Posted on Thu, Apr 07, 2016 @ 09:52 PM

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Anyone who has stayed in a hospital knows the hassle of keeping track of all of your belongings during your stay. Even if your time at the hospital is not an emergency, it can be hectic to deal with the things you brought from home and items brought to you by friends and family while being in a place that isn't your home. 

For hospitals wanting to increase their hospitality and ease their patients minds when it comes to their valuables, consider installing electronic safes in patient rooms. The benefits for both the healthcare facility and patient are numerous. Consider this: one hospital had to pay $44,000 in patient theft claims in 2010. That is a lot of money that could be going to the salary of a hardworking staff member or more medical equipment.  And in nursing homes and assisted living centers, theft is the number one reported crime.

An easy solution to this is providing in-room safes at hospitals or other medical facilities. This allows the patients to have 24/7 access to their valuables, while feeling secure about their location and safety. Patients don't have to keep track of things like their keys, wallets, and jewelry while being potentially limited physically. They can keep them right at the bedside in a beside safe. 

And with bedside safes, the hospital staff can focus on doing what they do best, taking care of the patients. For more information about how safes can help increase patient satisfaction in the healthcare industry, contact us at Safemark Systems today. 


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2016 Events and Trade Shows (April-July)

Posted on Mon, Mar 28, 2016 @ 10:02 PM

Attending one of the following events? Be sure to stop by and sell hello to our Direct Sales team.

Trade Shows Dates Location
Asia Pacific Distributor Meeting April 11 Singapore
FHA Singapore 2016 Apirl 12-15 Singapore
IHG Conference April 19 -20 Roma, Italy
Marriott GM/Operation Meeting, Asia April 21-23 Bali, Indonesia
AmericInn April 24-26 St. Paul, MN
Benjamin West Track Days April 26-28 Colorado Spring, CO
Safemark Direct Sales Meeting May 1-3 Las Vegas, NV
HD Expo May 4-6 Las Vegas, NV
Hyatt Engineering Regional  May 5-8 Mexico City, Mexico
HOTEC ME May 6-8 Doha, Qatar
Choice Hotel International 2016 Conf. May 10-12 Las Vegas, NV
HISPEC May 24-27 Barcelona, Spain
HI Design Europe June 1-3 Lisbon, Portugal
Equipotel Cancun June 10-12 Cancun, Mexico
Interstate June 13-14 Orlando, FL
HOTEC Design, North America June 20-23 Naples, FL
HITEC June 20-23 New Orleans, LA
BITAC Symposium June 26-28 San Diego, CA
BITAC P&D East July 17-19 Hollywood, FL
National Fair of Hospitality July 17-18 TBD

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The STX-3 has Designers Bringing the Safe out of the Closet

Posted on Wed, Mar 23, 2016 @ 07:23 AM

A few years ago, we introduced the LTX-3 safe which blended requests from the hotel design community and respected industry security experts. The LTX-3 quickly gained ground and was installed by numerous hotels around the world. The popularity of this model with four unique finish options prompted the need for us to build a similar safe for hotels with limited along came the STX-3 safe.

The STX-3 has the same security and design features as its bigger sibling, but takes up less real estate with dimensions measuring 17" (432 mm) wide x 17.25" (438 mm) deep x 8" (203 mm) high. The STX-3 easily fits 15” laptops and much more. Click here to download the brochure.

STX-3 Hotel Safe.pngHotels depend on reliable, emergency access to their safes and Safemark’s optional highsecurity, override key system delivers confidence. Concealed behind a magnetic plate, high-security override key is customized to each property with a unique pinning code. Unlike skeleton keys, the key cannot be unknowingly copied and additional keys are only available from the manufacturer with proper authority. The lock is virtually pick proof and cannot be bumped.

Safemark’s Emergency Handheld Override (EHO) provides added security with password protected access and easy-to-use Windows based software for the industry’s most comprehensive audit trail. The STX-3 also includes an exclusive $10,000 warranty against theft by forced entry during the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

STX-3 Construction:

  • Cold-Rolled Steel Door
  • 13 Gauge Steel Body
  • Two 3/4” (19mm) Diameter Steel Locking Bolts
  • Hidden Hinges
  • Curved Elliptical Keypad for Optimal Viewing
  • Integrated Handle
  • 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Windows™ Based Software
  • Optional Concealed Fail-Safe Key Lock Override
  • Internal Light
  • Backlit keypad, display and logo
  • Industry-first backlit instructions for easy viewing
  • Standard finish body: Black
  • Standard finish door: Choose from one of four designer carbon fiber finishes
  • Optional Color Matched 13 1/2” (342.9mm) Pedestal
  • Optional Left/Right Hinging

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